Magna Coin is a P2P digital currency that combines ultra anonymous technology with masternodes and on-chain atomic swaps.


Masternodes Setup Guide

Over 80% of block rewards go to the node holder. This means that returns for a Magna node are extremely attractive with an estimated APR of 400%+

Governance Voting

Magna will always be considered a community driven coin. A large weighting on the future of the coin will be placed with decentralised masternode governance. This will enable node holders to vote on issues surrounding Magna including: the roadmap, marketing and technical aspects of the coin.

Zerocoin Protocol

The implementation of zerocoin will mean transactions can be made anonymously. As a result, users can transfer MGN across the chain with complete privacy.

Atomic Swaps

Enables simultaneous transfer of coins from both parties involved in a transaction. Consequently, this will remove problems associated with the usage of a 3rd agent (e.g. exchange). MGN plans on adding MGN-BTC and MGN-LTC pairs by Q3 2018.


Premine is 7% for a total of 2,000,000 MGN which will be allocated and used as below:

  • 100,000 MGN (5% of premine) will be held in a developers fund address to cover future costs
  • 100,000 MGN (5% of premine) will be held in marketing fund address to cover future campaigns
  • 100,000 MGN (5% of premine) was used to create, test and ensure stability with the network.
  • All of the Developers initial masternodes, along with their earnings will get burned once there are 70 active nodes running.
  • 1,700,000 MGN (85% of premine) is available to be sold to p2p investors.
  • Any MGN coin which is not sold during the initial p2p sale will get burnt.
  • All earnings collected from the node pre-sale will be contributed towards future exchange listings and marketing ventures.


Source Code: GitHub

Block Explorer: here

More technical information available here


Magna Coin (MGN)

Current Circulating Supply
Est. 10 Years Circulation Supply
Annual Inflation
Block Target
60 seconds
Transaction Fee
Block Maturity
Block Reward: 15
First 90 days
Block Reward: 10
Day 90-180
Block Reward: 5
Day 180 onwards
Masternode Collateral
Min Stake Age
3 hours
RPC Port


Roadmap 2017 - 2018

Q4 2017

Masternode Pre-Sale

Masternodes will be publically available via a P2P sale.

Q4 2017

Exchange Listings

Magna Coin will be listed to: Coinmarkets, Stockexchange and Coinexchange.io before 2018.As popularity grows in the future, we will apply to list on more prominent exchanges such as Bittrex and Bitfinex.

Q4 2017

Listing to Masternodes.Pro

To get the word out, Magna will advertise on several masternode information sites.

Q1 2018

Zerocoin Protocol Implementation

Users will be able to enjoy the privacy and anonymity associated with zerocoin implementation.

Q1 2018

Masternode Governance Voting

Node holders will be able to vote on important issues that impact the coins future.The first vote will be related to budget distribution.This vote is planned for the 15th February 2018.

Q3 2018

Atomic Swaps

A successful MGN - LTC atomic swap aims to be conducted in 2018.Later on, other swap pairs will be added including MGN - BTC.

Q3 2018

Merchant Integration

Adoption by small-medium sized businesses will begin in the latter stages of 2018.The industries targeted include: eCommerce niche stores, PTC sites and non-profit enterprises.



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