Magna Coin is a P2P digital currency that combines ultra anonymous technology with masternodes and on-chain atomic swaps.


Masternodes Setup Guide

70% of each block is allocated to MasterNode holders.

Governance Voting

Magna will always be considered a community driven coin. A large weighting on the future of the coin will be placed with decentralised masternode governance. This will enable node holders to vote on issues surrounding Magna including, but not limited to: the roadmap, marketing, budgetary allocations and technical aspects of the coin.
The latest roadmap will include plans to integrate MGNX into our interoperable governance system.


The option to transact privately on MGNX via Zero Knowledge Proofs, which allows coins to be transferred from sender to receiver without revealing any information about the transaction. This is done through Zerocash Protocol and is made possible by using the Jumblr feature for a small transaction fee (0.3%), via the desktop Agama wallet.

Atomic Swaps

The ability to swap MGN and MGNX simultaneously between 2 parties using the Komodo Barter DEX.

Cross Chain DAPPs

Listing to the BlockNet DEX has given the opportunity to bridge interoperability by building DAPPs that share data between multiple chains.

Smart Contracts

The -ac_cc parameter has been set to 2, giving MGNX the ability to interact with other asset chains using smart contracts.


Premine is 7% for a total of 2,000,000 MGN which has been distributed as such:

  • 100,000MGN will be held as developer funds to cover future costs
  • 100,000MGN will be used for marketing purposes.
  • 30,000MGN was used to setup the seedbox servers and ensure initial stability within the network.
  • MGNwas sold on the exchanges, ranging in price from 150 to 800 satoshis.
  • 160,000MGN was burnt on December 16, 2017 to the following address: D6xxMAGNAxxBURNxxADDRESSxxxxwAnXJz
  • The BTC accrued was put towards 2 exchange listings: CREX 24 and Stocks.Exchange


Source Code Magna: Github #1

Source Code MagnaX: Github #2

Block Explorer: Here

More technical information available Here


Magna Coin vs MagnaX

Information Magna MagnaX
Genesis Block Mined November 22, 2017 July 31, 2018
Decimals 8 8
Block Time 60 seconds 60 seconds
Min.Transaction Fee 0.001MGN N/A
Consensus PoS PoS/PoW
Algorithm Quark Equihash
Block Maturity 3 hours 2 hours
PoS/MN Block Split 70% / 30% 90% / 10%
MasterNodes Yes No
MN Collateral 10000 0


Roadmap 2018 – 2019

Q4 2017

Initial Exchange Listing

Magna was listed to Coinmarkets and automated trading platforms like Bitcoin Profit.

Q4 2017

Stocks.Exchange Listings

Listing to Stocks.Exchange

Q4 2017

Initial MasterNode Ranking Sites

Listing to Masternodes.Online and MNRank.com

Q2 2018

MGNX Komodo DEX Listing

The MGNX asset chain is listed to the Komodo DEX

Q2 2018

Magna/MagnaX BlockNet and Bisq DEX Exchange Listings

No swaps will be processed after the deadline, with exceptions made to those with extenuating circumstances

Q2 2018

Airdrop of MGNX

All MGNX will be distributed at a 2:1 ratio for MGN holders

Q4 2018

BIP65 Activation

Is added in an update to enable atomic swap compatability and listing to the BarterDEX for MGN

Q4 2018

Magna Listing to the Komodo DEX

The MagnaX blockchain is secured using the deferred Proof of Work consensus

Q4 2018

MGN and MGNX Atomic Swaps

The first official MGN and MGNX swap is done officially via the BarterDEX

Q4 2018

dPOW Chain Notarization

The MagnaX blockchain is secured using the deferred Proof of Work consensus

Q4 2018

ZK – Snarks Transaction Conducted

Transactions are conducted using Zero Knowledge Proofs, allowing for complete privacy during a transfer

Q1 2019

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Q1 2019

MagnaX Chain Token Creation

Any user will be able to create their own token on the MGNX asset chain, by using a colored coin type system








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